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A YouTube Channel where we Learn All the Flight Simulators, One at a Time.

1.1  Introduction- The Best Free Flight Simulator?

1.1 Introduction- The Best Free Flight Simulator?

If you love airplanes, and currently cannot afford to buy Microsoft Flight Simulator, you don't have to wait to start flying. The flight simulator we will be looking at is not as fancy as Microsoft Flight Simulator, but it is also not asking for a high-end PC or laptop, nor does it need you to spend upwards of $100. If you have a basic computer, and/or not a lot of cash to buy Microsoft Flight Simulator, don't hold yourself back. Start flying today. One day you may have everything, but why waste your time until then? Download YS Flight Simulator from: Download YS Flight Realism from: ★ TABLE OF CONTENTS ★ • 0:00 Introduction • 0:33 Which Flight Simulator? • 1:06 Downloading YS Flight Simulator • 2:23 Downloading YS Flight Realism • 3:32 Merging YS Flight Simulator and YS Flight Realism • 5:00 What will be there in the next video? Please read my channel description for ‘disclaimer’. My Gear: Desktop: Laptop: Honeycomb Alpha: Honeycomb Bravo: Logitech G-Pro Rudder Pedals: Monitor 1: Monitor 2: Keyboard: Mic 1: Mic 2: Dual Monitor Stand/USB Hub: Audio Interface: Mic Arm: Standing Desk Frame: Butcher Block Frame:
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